Internet Services

Frequently Asked Question's


1.Is wireless Internet secure?

Yes, if deployed correctly. Skyhop deploys the latest Encryption Protocols that encrypts the connection from customer sites to any and all points of presences. The subscriber should take all measures necessary to protect their PC's and network from hackers and viruses.


2.What is wireless Broadband Internet?

Wireless Broadband Internet is fixed wireless Internet access offered by SkyHop as an alternative to copper-based, fiber-based or cable-based high-speed access. Fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds, a government license, or even local phone services. Fixed wireless systems use a small, inexpensive microwave radio antenna installed at the customer premises. The Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is pointed back to one of SkyHop's Points of Presence (POP's), typically one of our radio towers, to create a Wireless Local Loop (WLL).


3.Do I have to dial-up to get connected?

No, With SkyHop Wireless Broadband, you have a constant Internet connection. There's no dialing up, no logging on, no busy signals, no disconnections; you are "always on." With "always on" connection, you have unlimited access. There are no hourly fees.


4.Is Wireless Broadband as fast as cable or DSL?

SkyHop offers access bandwidth ranging from 768kb to 1.5Meg. Basically from 5 to 25 times faster then dial-up internet access.


5.Is Wireless Broadband affected by Weather?

Wireless Broadband is no more affected by weather than a radio station is affected by weather. The wireless technology used has built-in fault tolerance that can overcome most any environmental occurrences.